Vinyl record sales saor to new peak!

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According to Nielsen Soundscan, sales of vinyl albums in 2009 have already topped the 2-million mark.

This beats 2008’s, 1.9 million, which means that 2009 sales of vinyl LPs are on target to be the highest since at least 1991, when Soundscan began tracking music sales.

Digital music sales aren’t doing too bad, either.

Total purchased album downloads are on pace to top last year’s figure of 65 million.

This is a cool trend. In my book, the perfect music format is Vinyl + MP3; you buy your nice big sexy album and you get a download code along with it.

What do you think about the resurgence of LP sales?

Is this just a vinyl fetish – or do you think vinyl actually offers a better way to get your music fix?

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Originally posted at…%20Review.html

After the last review about the Monster Refill Group Buy I thought I should also review R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit since R.A.W. Miami is apart of the group buy now! I can not stress enough, if you haven’t jumped in on this group buy jump in! You will not find a better deal anywhere for the price! This is the perfect opportunity for anybody using reason to expand their sample library! R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit comes with over 2 gigs of loops! From Jazz, Funk and Rock to Pop, Hip Hop and Raggaeton! Best part of it is there are tons of instruments too! drums, guitars and bass to keys, horns and synths! It comes in three different formats the standard Wav, Rex and Apple Loops!

I use Reaper as my DAW of choice and it can read all three formats on both Mac or PC with ease. After running through a bunch of loops in the Media Explorer I had found a nice full sounding jazzy drum loop. I dragged it on to a track and started messing with the order of the loop. With Rex format loops they are already chopped to the transient so manipulating the loops or triggering one shot samples with Rex compatible samplers from these loops are a cinch! After about 30 seconds I had a basic loop and arrangement for a whole song based of of one loop. I moved parts of the snare hits around a bit to give a different feel to the chorus and verses as well as a intro and outro. All with in 30ish seconds. I have never had a easier time with drums. They sounded awesome and helped me create the basis for my song.

Next up was some actual chord progressions. Now this is where R.A.W. Universal Groove Kits shine. They are labeled so amazingly well! They start with the loops tempo, then the key and lastly the name of the loop. Great thing about Rex files are because they have been chopped accordingly before hand they translate really well with other tempos. Both slower or faster. Plus there is a wide range of instrumental loops here too. Over 300 loops of just guitars, both acoustic and electric, in every key imaginable! So up next I picked out a guitar loop with off beat staccato G chords layered with the drum loop. The song is starting to sound full but definitely needs some bass! I found a nice funkish bass line that fit the song well.

So now I got a basic song thing going but felt I needed to give it something to help fill it out. So I started looking for something synthy or even some kind of Rhodes. Clicked on the Keyboard Riffs folder and after 4 or 5 auditioned loops I found the perfect loop! Its a great rhodes loop that I put a little tremolo and compression and it fit perfectly, I can not believe how easy it is to get what you want when you want it! I have been working in the key of G so far and finding new instruments to add to your work is so easy because of the naming system they have! Plus all these sounds are easily molded to fit any mix!

After about 10 minutes I was able to put together a great song from loops! I never though I would see the day! Plus because they come in Rex format I was able to use ever single loop as single hit drum kits in my sampler! To put together this much in such a short amount of time was very surprising to say the least. Plus when it comes to how well they fit into a mix with other loops is just amazing. They are not overly processed and easily molded with EQ or Compression to fit. The whole R.A.W. series is amazing and drenched with quality! So head on over to the Monster Refill Group Buy and jump in! You get all the amazing refills covered in the PLUS the R.A.W. Miami Kit! You would be a fool not to join in.

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Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!

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Man growing up this was one of my favorite shows of all time! 40 years old now! My favorite was cookie monster and Oscar the grouch! Those were my dudes!


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Obiaudio Sonic Refills Ultra Loaded Review!!!!

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Recently Sonic Reality started a group buy for the entire Sonic Reality Ultra Loaded Package which is a monster refill package for Reason and I jumped at the chance and thought I’d write up a review to generate interest in it before it ends! Hurry and sign up for the package at Buy Monster Reason Refill Group Buy. (download) (sound software bundles, sample cds on sale, music software on sale) . Hurry and join, the more people the better the value!

Originally posted at Obi Audio Sonic Refills Ultra Loaded Review

Sonic Refills Ultra Loaded Review

“I have always loved Reason, so much so I have preferred it to any workstation keyboard out there. The mere fact that there are thousands of sounds from all over the world available for Reason in their Refill format is a really great thing – I mean anything and everything you could ever want is probably available in refill format. The downside to this is that there is also so much garbage to sift through. Some of the best refills have always come from Sonic Reality. Recently they started a group buy called Monster Reason Refill which is a huge bundle of the best refills out there. I am privileged enough to have these refills and would like to help other reason users on the fence or even reason users looking to expand their sound library immensely with some new refills.

When it comes to quality Sonic Reality is one of the first names in the business when it come to great sample libraries. The Sonic Refill Collection is Gold. Pure Gold. It alone puts many many many other workstation and sample libraries to shame. It has everything you could think of sound wise: Vintage drum machines, Synths, Basss (Both natural and Synth), Guitars, Rhodes, Pianos, REAL Drums, Strings, Brass – the list can go on and on. When it comes down to it I will say this, there is no shortage for great sounds. So much so that I still have not gone through every single Thor Patch, NNXT multi samples, Rex loops or even the Malmstrom patches but oh how wonderful the sounds are. I picked Reason with a controller instead of a workstation because of the great QUALITY of refills and the endless amounts of refills available. I now have over 15 gigs of Sonic Reality Refills and no one else can touch them when it comes to the quality they provide. I hate trying out refills, workstations, Synths or VSTis that have some great features or even a few great sounds but then the rest are just kind of “meh”.

Homer: Kids, how would you like to go… to Blockoland!
Bart & Lisa: Meh.
Homer: But the TV. gave the impression that–
Bart: We said “meh”.
Lisa: M-E-H. Meh.

When it comes time to compose, or write a song, melody, make a beat or whatever it is you do musically Reason and the Sonic Reality Refills are something you want in your corner. You just play. You don’t have to stress about adding a compressor or eqing it to fit. You start with a solid, beautiful instrument that is perfect as is and yet with Reason you can transform it to something totally different. My personal favorite are the drums. I started as a drummer and always pride myself on my drum sounds or “tones” as I refer to them. I really feel a nice full drum sound is hard to achieve and Sonic Reality are some of the best at achieving it. From the Vintage & Monster Drum Refills to the free to members Ocean Way Kit 10 Refill they are solid. And then there are the keys, Oh my the keys. I get all flustered just thinking about choosing the perfect sound for keys. I mean The Meaty Grand, Nice Rhdz, and the A Grand Piano from the Pianos & Organs refills are some of my favorites but sometimes I get to clicking other presets and have the hardest time figuring out which sounds better. It is the best problem I have ever had! We’re barely scratching the surface for the Sonic Refill Collection but we still need to discuss the Ultra Refills too!

dope (dp) n.
1. Informal
a. A narcotic, especially an addictive narcotic.
b. Narcotics considered as a group.
c. An illicit drug, especially marijuana.
d. Sonic Reality Refills (I’m just saying…)

After much playing around I have started digging into some of the refills from the Ultra Series, or more specific the Ultra Hip-Hop, Electronic and Symphonic Refills. Dope. Plain and simple. They are so addictive! They are kind of generalized in a style but there are some awesome natural flute sounds in the Ultra Electronic Refill, an amazing Organ in the Ultra Hip-Hop and then there is the Ultra Symphonic. Doper. Yep. Didn’t think that word existed-and it didn’t…..til Sonic Reality made Ultra Symphonic! I can’t believe the amazing quality of the strings, pianos, and percussion in here. Amazing Timpanis, Choirs and again, by surprise some sweet Synths that are still fitting in with the rest of Ultra Symphonic Refill. When you take just those three, each of which by themselves can hold up against any other collection, VSTi or workstation, you have yet another combination that will keep you busy for a long time not wanting.

What I hate the most when it comes to Refills or workstations or any product I get, I hate it when I hit a brick wall or am not satisfied with my end product. Well I am glad to say that bad music done with this is because the user is at fault, not the sounds. Sonic Reality has brought amazing Refills to the world and you would be a fool to have Reason and not be using these! Jump in on the Monster Reason Refill Group Buy ASAP because this is the best collection money can buy and you are literally stealing them at this price!”

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New drum kit!!!! Crooked T “Best Of” Kit!!!

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So we got a new contributor to! Head on over to our download section and check out the sweeeet kit by our man Crooked T!

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What I think about power

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Now I’m not a huge blogger but my RSS reader is always full. I probably subscribe to about 60 or so blogs. Every once in a while I find stuff that I really enjoy and learn from. Here is a blog post Obified. I didn’t agree will all of it so I edited it to what I agree with. Source after the jump…

Knowledge is power. Yep I agree.

When it comes to power there is so much more than just knowledge…

Action is power. Because most people TALK instead of DO. Which one do you do?

Branding is power. Because if you don’t make a name for yourself, someone will make one for you. Who’s making a name for you?

Content is power. Because it delivers unique value and solidifies your expertise. Do your tweets leave the impression of value or vanity?

Creativity is power. Because every time you use it, it grows stronger. How many ideas did you have today?

Credibility is power. Because while it might take years to assemble; it only takes seconds to annihilate. What is your credibility strengthening process?

Discipline is power. Because talent is overrated, whereas hard, long, smart work is all that really counts. What time did you get up today?

Experience is power. Because that’s where expertise truly comes from: Experience + Intelligent reflection upon those experiences + Actionable lessons extracted from those experiences. What new experience did you have today?

Fanship is power. Because customers are overrated, clients are useless and prospects are for amateurs – you need FANS. How many fans do you have?

Honesty is power. Because in out fear-based, low trust culture, honesty is so rare that it’s become remarkable. How many lies did you tell this week?

Listening is power. Because contrary to popular conditioning, the listener controls the conversation. When was the last time somebody complimented your listening skills?

Name is power. Because Shakespeare was wrong – “what’s in a name” means EVERYTHING. What do people think when they see your name?

Networking is power. Because people buy people first, and it’s not who you know – it’s who knows you. How many friends did you make last week?

Permission is power. Because once people can come up to, feel relaxed around, open up with, comfortable walk away from and confidently return to you, everything changed. Who do you need to give permission to?

Positioning is power. Because it’s not who you are, it’s what you’re known for knowing, what you’ve been recognized as being the first and best at, and ultimately what you’re perceived to be the heavyweight champion of. What makes you That Guy?

Wisdom is power. Because knowledge is overrated – only wisdom (which comes from action) earns you the right to speak with authority. How much action have you taken this week?

Source: HELLO, my name is BLOG!

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New Audio Technica AT-2020 Review

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New review on!

Everyday someone dreams to make music. Everyday someone buys a simple mic and interface to record themselves. Whether it is for Youtube, Vimeo, a pod cast or a blog. Everyday there are thousands of people all over the world that want to record. They want to record vocals, guitar, percussion what have you. Since this home recording revolution has started tons of people have bought and wasted money on cheap horrible sounding gear, but some have bought great inexpensive gear that has rocked and is a low end champion. That is exactly what Audio Technica has done with the AT-2020.

Now one thing that does bother me is false advertising. Kind of shady but a ton of microphone companies have been doing this, big and small a like. Companies like MCA (MXL) and Audio Technica have been taking small and medium diaphragm microphone capsules and putting them in bigger housing and then advertising them as large diaphragm. Well Audio Technica put the same small diaphragm capsule in the 2021 and put it in the 2020. Here is the best part….They advertise and push this microphone as a large diaphragm condenser! Personally I hate it when people lie to me, much less companies lying about products that they are trying to sell to us. Now I’ll be first to say this is a great mic. Forget for the price is is a solid mic. Sounds great on tons of things as I’ll go into in a bit but I just wanted to clarify that this is NOT a large diaphragm condenser. This is a small diaphragm condenser. Now on with the review…

For $100 it amazing. Now without considering the price its great. Really, vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drum over heads, percussion – you name it. I promise no matter what you point it at it sounds decent. This is the Shure SM57 of condensers. Great mic. That is it. I can end this review now if I wanted. You could google reviews on it for days and it you will be overwhelmed with the amount of praise it has. Now I’m not gonna say this is a perfect mic. I could almost always find a mic that sounds better but finding a mic that is this versatile. for this price and for how well it sounds on everything this is a great mic and if I could give it a award I would. Hell I think I may just create my own award to give out to companies that create great gear!

The Audio Technica AT-2020 is a side address small diaphragm condenser with a 20 mm diaphragm, a fixed cardioid pattern and a very high SPL handling at 144 dB. That makes this a very flexible mic by itself and to give you some prospective on that, a Jack Hammer has a SPL of 100dB. It runs off of 48 volt Phantom Power and is very quiet at only 20 dB SPL noise which is not noticeable especially when micing up loud sources like a Jack Hammer! On vocals it provides a very modern bright sound without being overly sibilant and there are no harsh notes or a harsh high end like on other Chinese mics. I recorded a simple shaker track and it sounded great. If you ever want to test a mic try recording a shaker or keys. This is a simple test that will easily point out cheap or bad sounding mics. To me this and testing a mic on acoustic guitars is what separates the men from the boys. Up next was the guitar test. I had some problems with positioning and this mic is known for proximity problems with acoustic guitars. Not bad but just know you will have to work the mic positioning a bit to get it right. It sounded great for that. This microphone is so versatile that I would take this microphone for recording anything out there no matter what it is and make it sound decent.

Audio Technica has always been a solid company for solid studio work horse microphones. From the AT-4050 down to the AT-2020, Audio Technica’s mics are both great staples and additions to your mic locker. The AT-2020 is also available in a mic pack with the AT-2021 for under 200. Also the Audio Technica AT-2020 is also available as a USB microphone for pod casters. Same mic with a built in USB connector. Please don’t buy this. There are tons of mics available for under $100 few are on the level of the Audio Technica AT-2020.

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